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Page 9

Flounder and I help Ariel to the surfaceSebastian.gif (3696 bytes)

And she takes her first breath of air as a human. She now has legs and must learn to walk.

Eric finds her on the beach,arieleric.jpg (5543 bytes) he does not know who she is and she cannot talk to tell him, but he takes her to the castle.

3arieleric.gif (5872 bytes)After the maid helps her
to bathe and dress, everyone can see how lovely she is. But Eric still does not recognize her.

Vision.jpg (3489 bytes)

They spend three days together but Eric does not kiss her. Ursula the Sea Witch keeps messing things fact she almost convinces Eric that SHE is the girl that saved him by using the voice she stole from Ariel. But with the help of Flounderflounder.gif (3669 bytes)

and Scuttlescuttle.gif (3467 bytes)

and, of course, myself (Sebastian)Sebastian.gif (3696 bytes)
(Uhhhhhmm, well Eric helped, too)

Ursula is exposed and defeated.

Yes...Yes,,I know I skipped over some of the juicy details, but if I tell all then you won't feel the need to see the movie.   You will just have to see it to find out what actually happened!

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