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When Ariel goes to see what it is, She finds it is a ship with humans on it. She watches them and falls in love with one of them....the handsome Prince Eric.  Later on there is a
storm and Eric is thrown into the sea.
Ariel saves him from drowning!

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Ariel sings to him and then has to leave.
When Eric wakes up he is alone but he remembers a girl with a wonderful voice
and he swears that he will not marry until he finds her.

Ariel goes back home.   She is in love with Eric.
Her father wonders what is wrong with her.
And now I have to make a confession of which  I am very ashamed.
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I told Ariels father that she was in love with a human.  Triton was very angry.  He made me show him where the cave was.   He destroyed all of Ariels lovely treasures.  Ariel was very sad.

Two eels tell her that the Sea Witch can help Ariel runs away with them.

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